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Southern Buick Greenbrier Hummer EV

The paradoxical of life equals a billion, especially when the Terminator is the innovator. In the early ’90s, the actor-slash politician Arnold Schwarzenegger promoted the military vehicle in civilians’ grasp. Who knew a cinematic masterpiece would lead to so many H1’s in a lot of garages. 

By 1999 the American Motor General sold the Hummer to General Motors. GM unleashed the compact variation of the H1, the H2. But by 2010, Hummer fans bear witness to a vanishing act. 

The year is 2020, and GM resuscitates the Hummer, and boy, oh boy, to be reborn again! Once a gas-guzzler, but no more. What used to be a one-bedroom apartment is now the size of a fully furnished studio. 

The 2022 GMC Hummer EV pickup and 2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV are electric vehicles of a whole new caliber. Here’s a look at a few remarkable features. 

  • Watts to Freedom 

WTF is the launch control feature of the super truck. Watts to Freedom thrusts more than 9,000 pounds of pickup from 0-60 mph in less than four seconds. The vehicle lowers passengers by two inches while enduring onscreen animations, haptic feedback from the seats, and audio cues. 

  • 350 MPGe  

The Hummer EV truck carries a range of 350 miles; Bradley Cooper has nothing on the EV, simply limitless. 

  • 200 kWh battery

A mountain of a vehicle, and that’s not including its battery pack. Compared to the Tesla Model S with a capacity of 100 kWh, the Ultium electric platform stunts other automakers. 

  • 800-Volt DC Fast Charging Capacity

A 200 kWh battery pack stays thirsty for electrons. So GM installed an 800-volt structure that preserves a 350 kW charge rate through a DC fast charger to quench said thirst. 

  • Hands-Free Driver Assistance 

GM’s hands-free driver assistance system made its grand debut on Cadillac luxury cars and is now optional on select vehicles. Drivers will still need to monitor the road, and if they don’t, it’s okay the sensor monitors will keep an eye on the driver. Super Cruise works solely for highways supported through its map. Even still, the assistance system is ahead of its time in today’s market.  

  • UltraVision 

Seventeen cameras on the SUV and eighteen cameras are available for the pickup truck; the UltraVision delivers up close and personal views of the world in several ways, whether up, down, around, or below. In addition, Off-roading reaches a whole new level as the UltraVision cameras patrol the driver from making a dangerous error. 

Southern Buick Greenbrier Hummer EV

  • Interior

The cabin space is spacious enough to contain three large adults, and that’s the backseat—Head to the front and a 13.4-inch infotainment touchscreen located at the center of the console. There’s also a button for adjusting the climate, drivetrain options, and a heated steering wheel.

The inside décor is of another world with H’s doused throughout and references to the moon. The dead pedal resembles Neil Armstrong’s boot print. Look to the speaker grille and the Sea of Tranquility is located on the center console cubby.  

  • Crab Walk 

The rear-wheel steering turns up to 10 degrees for any sticky situation. Additionally, the low-speed Crab Walk diagonally turns all four wheels in the same direction.

  • Infinity Roof 

Four removable translucent modular sections can easily be removed and placed in the immense front trunk. Thus, even a voluptuous beauty can take its top off and enjoy open-air. 

  • Off-Roading 

When it comes to off-roading, who can compete with the military-grade transport vehicle? 

The front component can lock, and the rear motors create a locking rear differential by turning both rear wheels simultaneously.

The EV also supports torque vectoring, and the vectoring supports a power surge to each rear wheel. 

There’s full underbody armor protecting the underside of the vehicle. 

Lastly, In Extract mode, the adaptive air ride system lifts the vehicle half afoot to help drivers travel across water and enormous obstacles. 

  • Power Station Generator 

Much like the Ford F-150, the Hummer EV SUV can be outfitted with its very own power supply. Enabling 19.2kW AC charging, with the ability to charge EVs (240v,25A,3kW) plug-in electronics, whatever the reason may be. 

The Power Station will be available in the Hummer EV pickup soon. 

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