What We Know About the New Buick Logo

March 31st, 2022 by

Instagram of Buick Saudi Arabia

Our story begins in a dystopia so close but so far away, Instagram. An Instagram user with the handle @buick_saudi_arabia leaked photos of the new Buick logo. The snapshot captures a prototype vehicle’s steering wheel, but that’s not the only thing we noticed.  

The Instagram Account holds no relation to General Motors. However, the photo shared around the world showcases an unidentified prototype. The leaked image knocks the wind out of the element of surprise with the reveal of the automaker’s revamped tri-shield logo. 

We shared that General Motors made trademark filings recently, but the leaked image is the first physical step towards the new endeavor. The new steering wheel sports Buick’s traditional red, white, and blue. Additionally, the redesigned logo presents an upside-down Nike sign with an elaborate curved shield instead of the conventional slash in the middle. Furthermore, the three shields are equally aligned, so the blue shield no longer thinks it’s better than the white and red.  

Aside from the logo, there are other mystical factors about the Buick prototype worth appreciating. For instance, spend some quality time with the picture, and there’s an expansive digital display screen above the steering wheel. Moreover, the display screen accompanies a new column-mounted gear shifter. The column gear shifter creates ample space for the vehicle’s center console. Perhaps the ample space at the center console makes room for new buttons, additional storage, or more room for passengers? 

Now back to the steering wheel, the all-new design is something we never experienced on a Buick vehicle before. The steering wheel displays a medium-sized diameter with three thick spokes, a small airbag, and multiple multi-function buttons. Blink three times, and the wheel appears more luxurious than last. The posh wheel incorporates beautifully contrasting stitching, a brush metal trim, and brush metal buttons. 

No one knows what the future holds for the Buick vehicle and its leaked steering wheel. However, the prototype may be intended solely for China. Whatever happens next, we love what Buick has done with the reimagined logo, and we look forward to seeing the bigger picture. 

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