The Buick Envision…GX Variant?

April 29th, 2022 by

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A couple of flights and layovers and Buick enthusiasts can feast their eyes on the Envision Plus. The Envision Plus is available in the Chinese market with three rows of seating. However, the even larger Envision Plus may be closer than a 14-hour flight. 

GM Authority recently brought to light a  trademark filing with the US patent and Trademark Office for the Buick Envision GX. The “GX” has Buick enthusiasts speculating that the Envision may be on the verge of a larger model. In addition, the larger Envision may feature third-row seating adding more depth to the Buick lineup. 

Buick recently gifted car fans with two variations of the subcompact Encore. For instance, one of the new Encore trims is slightly larger and goes by “GX.” So now, the compact two-row Envision may also receive the Encore’s treatment with a GX to make a bit more wiggle room. If the Envision attains a GX trim, this takes some pressure off the demand for the only three-row seater in Buick’s stateside lineup, the Enclave. 

The Buick Envision Plus (in China) includes a wheelbase that’s 8.0-inches longer than the standard, 58 cubic ft of maximum cargo volume, and seven-passenger seating. In addition, the second row of the Envision Plus features adjustable seatbacks and slides on 9.0-inch rails for effortless entry and exit for the third-row seats at the rear. Moreover, the Envision Plus commands more attention with its revitalized exterior. 

Expectations for the US’s Envision GX being a slightly modified variation of China’s Plus trim are just confident assumptions. China embraced the Buick Envision Plus last summer in 2021. So ultimately, the new US trademark indicates an exclusive variation. The Buick Envision GX may arrive this summer (2022), but only time will tell.  

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